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Retired Fond du Lac Police Department Chief-Duane Johnson

Retired Campbellsport Police Chief-Jay Zautner

Retired Fond du Lac Co SGT and current Village Chief- Renee Schuster

Retired Fond du Lac Co Deputy with 30  years of Law Enforcement Experience-Aaron Rauls

Retired Green Lake Co Detective/Undersheriff Jerry Johnson

Former Fond du Lac Co Deputy/Founder&Owner of Drunk Busters of America LLC-Curt Kindschuh

Business Owner/Fond du Lac-Matt Morgan

Business Owner/Fond du Lac-Rose Hill

Many other Fond du Lac Co and Fond du Lac City personnel along with most important of all The Great Residents of Fond du Lac County.  

Thank you to all that have publicly and privately endorsed and supported me throughout this campaign.


       What is Leadership? It isn’t college degrees, it isn’t, “I have more stripes than everyone else” or a person that yells a lot.  Leadership is a person that has earned respect from their peers by giving respect.  It is experience in the job you are put in place to lead, along with life experiences.  It is a person that can take constructive criticism and learn from it.  Leadership is the person at the top that will only ask his/her subordinates to do only what he/she would do himself/herself.  Leadership is honesty, dedication to duty and be an example to younger personnel to strive to perform as him or her at the top.  I’m that leader ready to take the reins.  I have been in leadership positions before during my long professional career and have been this person.  Vote for me and this is the type of leader you will get.  Above are the examples of my work as a leader.  

        First I was Assistant to Petty Officer in charge of Physical Exams at 237 Branch Clinic Naval Training Center, Great Lakes IL.  In this position I received a nearly perfect evaluation for my performance and dedication to duty.  Second I was the Treatment Room(Emergency Room) Petty Officer of 33 Area Branch Clinic, United States Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton CA, receiving OUTSTANDING performance during inspections. Not only in charge of the Treatment Room, but also responsible for 120 Marines of 3rd Battalion 5th Marines KILO Co 2nd Platoon, in making sure they were treated and kept healthy, health records and immunizations up to date. I had to educate the Marines on possible injuries or hazards before being deployed to all areas of the world.  Because of my performance as leader I had earned the respect of my Marines and Sailors.  

       Again I ask for you to VOTE for me on August 14th, 2018.  You will not be disappointed.  I will bring my past performance and dedication to the Office of Sheriff.  I will be your Sheriff, for and by the people.  Please support and help me Make FDL Co Great Again.  

About Me

Serving since 1985



  •       I Served in the US NAVY from 1985 to 1989.  Two of those years I served with the 1st Marine Division as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman.  I then returned home to attend both UWFDL and MPTC for Police science and Corrections, obtaining over 80 college credits.  In 1990 I was hired by the State of Wisconsin as a Correctional Officer, where I remained till I was hired in 1995 by the FDLCO Sheriff's Office jail division. In 1999 I was promoted to Patrol Deputy attending the Police Academy at FVTC.

  •     In addition to being a Deputy I am part of the boat patrol unit, a certified child safety seat technician, SWAT Negotiator, and Field Training Officer.                                               

  •      Shortly after coming home from the Navy in 1989 I met my wife Kristin.  When we met, we were both working part time at Fleet Farm and attending UWFDL.  Kristin has an Associate Degree from UWFDL and is currently employed by Fleet Farm as a Department head in sales.  We married in 1991, and had our first child Kira in 1992.  In 1995 our second child Kyle was born.  Kira is currently training in the WI Army National Guard for Intelligence Analyst.  Kyle received his associate degree in Police Science from FVTC.  Kyle was recently hired as a Correctional Officer by the FDLCO Sheriff's Office Jail Division.  Kyle is currently dating and recently engaged to Gretchen Knicker.  

  •      I am a member of Eagles Club #270 FDL, Wescot Sportsmans Club, World War II National Museum Charter Member, National Rifle Association Life Member, Marine Corps League McCullen-Kimpel Det. #552, Wounded Warrior Member, Paralyzed Veterans of America Honorary Member, USO Sponsoring Member.  I annually participate with Shop with a Cop.  I also was a guardian for 2 of our greatest generation WWII vets on the Honor Flight.  I attend Holy Family with my wife for nearly 29 years, also attend Salem Methodist with my Mother.


Myself, wife Kristin, Daughter Kira, Son Kyle and Gretchen. Dogs Sasha and Major.

Why Vote For Me

  •       It is time for a new face outside the current management team to present new ideas.  I am that person with confidence and experience.   Working in the trenches for nearly 33 years to bring new leadership to resolve many of the issues facing law enforcement today.  I will implement new policies and hiring practices that will bring up morale and help our veterans.  I enjoy my job as a Deputy very much.  I have always wanted to be in law enforcement.  The time has come, I'm 52 yrs old and ready to advance my career.  I am, "Ready to Lead, Lets Roll!"  Together lets Make Fond du Lac Co Great Again. 

  •      The illegal drug use has sky rocketed causing many of the problems in our county.  The heroin epidemic is not just an addiction issue for many, there are so many more crimes that come along with this epidemic of addiction, such as, burglary, theft, assault and others.  The subjects that are addicted cannot sustain employment and commit these crimes to sustain their habit.  One way I feel we can better tackle this issue is working more close with DEA out of Milwaukee along with communicating with surrounding counties on new and updated information of drug activity. Continuous communication with other agencies is key. Creating combined task force with these agencies will help stop this growing epidemic and crimes that come along with it.  Stopping the drug dealers and suppliers is the goal, then we can tackle the addiction issue if we remove the supply coming in first.  If we keep concentrating on the user never aggressively going after the dealers, we are only placing a band-aid on a gaping wound.  Community policing by attending township meetings staying in touch with the residents that want to get involved.  I will be a Sheriff for the people staying visible and active with the residents participating in local events regularly during my entire term.  I will work with the troops on maintaining and getting new updated equipment that fits them best to do their jobs with confidence.  Will have troop testing and input before purchasing, along with cost/benefit analysis on all major purchases and perks within the department.  New hiring practices by recruiting veterans that have served honorably as Military Police and meet the State of WI standards.  These veterans are disciplined and dedicated to their profession and would be a great asset to the county.    New advancement policies that includes time in rate standards.  Many more issues but these listed are primary and immediate.

  •      We need to get more boots on the ground and less management.  I would be able to accomplish this without any extra cost to the tax payers of FDL. As of right now the Sheriff's Office has 36 Deputies, 6 Detectives, and 1 process server. That is 43 sworn Deputies to 13 managers.  As Sheriff I would restructure management to place more troops on the road.  This would make it possible to add 2 more Deputies working in the Court House for security.  It would allow 2 more K-9 Deputies, the K-9's would be specifically trained in Narcotic detection(heroin, meth, cocaine).  With this new command structure of placing more troops on the ground, working the trenches along with open lines of communication to surrounding counties and departments within the county, we will be able to attack this epidemic of narcotics coming into the county which is affecting so many residents of Fond du Lac.  This agenda is right for the residents of Fond du Lac, what it is all about.  Making FDL safe again, Making FDL welcoming again, "MAKING FOND DU LAC COUNTY GREAT AGAIN"

  • -Conservative Republican
  • -NAVY Veteran
  • -Corrections Officer
  • -Sheriff's Deputy
  • -Law and Order/Firm but Fair
  • -Aggressive Opioid Enforcement
  • -NEW Leadership & Ideas
  • -More Community Involvement in Policing

My motto, "With God all things are possible." 

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